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''We want real people who will spread our vision and commitment''

Everything you need to know for a new Career with us:

What we are looking for:

You don’t have to be necessarily a lawyer to apply. In many positions we recruit professionals from a broad range of academic backgrounds. We mainly focus on the personal skills and characteristics of the people we bring in. 

We’ve outlined below some of the key characteristics we are looking for:

Key Characteristics:



Technologically Aware


Internationally minded

Our Team and the Work Environment:

'' Our greatest asset is our people ''

Over the decades the vast majority of the professionals who became part of our team, have remained and developed until this day as the constant companions and partners of the firm. 

Most of our trainees remain with us on qualification. Many of them have started and finished their career with us, another fact which indicates the leading nature of the work we do and the loyalty we place in our people. 

For us matters the quality of our people. We offer career opportunities with excellent salaries, attractive bonus schemes, decent work hours and benefits. We organise extra curricular and social activities with our team on a regular basis. Our employees can access the hundreds of books that we maintain in our Library.  The firm is furthermore highly concentrated in the incorporation of high technology in the workplace, to promote our modern and sustainable business culture.

Our headquarters are located in a central city point between the Larnaca Salt Lake and the city’s seafront, only 5 minutes walking distance to the Larnaca District Court and few minutes far from the Larnaca International Airport by car. It has close proximity to the city centre and easy access to the highways of the other cities of Cyprus. Our employees have free access to our spacious and safe car-park just behind the Poetis Tower.

The cultivation of acceptance in a diverse workplace, consists a necessary factor that determines the efficiency of a business in the contemporary world. 

We enjoy a friendly, loyal and pleasant work environment, open to share knowledge and support to everyone.

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Recruitment Process:

All applications must be submitted Online

The Application

We welcome national and international applications throughout the year from everyone who meets the minimum requirements we set. Applications can be drafted both in Greek or English.

All applications must be submitted online to our Human Resources team through the above window in our Careers page.

Should include a CV alongside with a brief personal statement, stating clearly the exact position you are applying for.

The Interview

Once approved you will receive a confirmation mail and/or a phone call for the arrangement of a personally structured recruitment interview. Our interviews take place in our headquarters at the Poetis Tower in Larnaca – Cyprus, but arrangement of Skype interview can be possible for international applicants.

The interview is designed on the basis of comfortable discussion, in order to encourage you to share your specific and general knowledge, express your opinions and be yourself. It will be a dialogue between you, the Human Resources team and the Partners of the firm. During your visit you will meet several members of our professional team. The interview ends with a practical exercise.

The duration usually lasts between 30 and 40 minutes and will be held under the highest level of privacy and confidentiality.

Your interview results will then be processed and you will be notified about the interview feedback and potential recruitment by mail and/or phone within one or two weeks after the interview.

Our recruitment approach mirrors the values  we place in the people we bring in.