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Oil and Gas

Oil and Natural Gas companies interact in an environment that operates under financial, competitive, regulatory and political stress. The pervasive contractual disputes and high market volatility generate increasing challenges in operating management. The Oil and Gas Industry in Cyprus is evolving radically, especially after the regional drillings in the basin of the South-Eastern Mediterranean. The...
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Anti-Corruption Index

If you are seeking for lawyers, advocates and analysts that they will help you cover up fraudulent and corrupted activities, simply DON’T come to us. We conduct our practice every day at the highest levels of ethics and integrity, derived from the fundamental values that have guided us since our founding.This commitment is embodied in...
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Start – Up Initiatives

The nature of Start-Up investments, require flexible, cost-effective and practical advice on an ongoing basis. We offer low-cost Start-up packs, that encourage your Start-Up initiative and simplify your situation. Our experience supports you with legal commercial advice on all aspects of running your business, intellectual property, data protection, agency and distribution, sponsorship.
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Pro-Bono Impact

We promote a business culture that interlinks profitability and development for the interest of the broader society, but most of all we implement an ethos of solidarity for vulnerable groups in our communities. Over time, we are proud that we helped fellow citizens to gain their dignity for a decent life with pro-bono services. Our...
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Diversity and Social Inclusion

As the globe has been transformed in a unitary neighbourhood, diversity and social inclusion become key-pillars to succeed. The global community integrates different colours, ethnicities, religions, gender and sexual orientation, people with disabilities and many more human differentiations. The cultivation of acceptance in a diverse workplace, is a necessary factor to maintain the efficiency of...
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Independent Institutions, Public Sector and Associations

We render our services for decades as the official legal and strategic advisor to Independent-Institutions, Associations, Governmental organisations, municipalities, local and national authorities – administrations, as well as, Non Profit and Non Governmental Organisations.We invest in our long standing relations with the state and civil society.
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Banking and Finance

We closely cooperate for decades with various financial services firms and institutions, by responding constantly through the changing regulatory, economic and competitive challenges, litigation threats and enforcement actions. We offer advisory, litigation, strategic planning and networking services for individuals, banks and corporations. We are the official providers of legal services of various financial groups and...
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