Our Culture

Dr Andreas P. Poetis & Co LLC

”We are devoted to our clients and the broader society”.

Professionalism, Quality & Productivity

The high quality of our specialised services and the productive ethos of every member of our professional team, are placed in the forefront of our agenda in delivering the best possible outcomes for our clients and for the further development of our business reputation.

Confidentiality, Loyalty & Honesty

Positive outcomes are inextricably linked with the genuine relationship between the lawyer and the client. Such relationship, can only be built on confidential, loyal and honest foundations. We invest in the strong relations with our clients to maintain trust, confidence and long lasting business relations.

Thorough Strategic & Technical Planning

We use our expertise and experience to structure and execute the accurate technical plan, strategy and tactics, that offers the best possible solutions to our clients needs in the most efficient way.

Control of Legal Costs

We don’t necessarily charge per hour, as to encourage our clients to work with us. Our professional team cooperates with our clients on a constant basis in the evaluation of the potential costs and benefits according to their decisions. We regularly provide cost estimation statements, updates and direct communication as to make sure that they are aware.

Timing, Availability & Effective Representation

Timing and direct response to our clients are key parameters to meet the challenging and competitive demands for each case. Our process policy and methodology implies that our Associates with at least one Partner of the Firm handling the overall responsibilities of each client, are devoted to provide active and immediate assistance on the case progress and execution.

Ethics, Integrity & Transparency

Last but not least, our firm’s commitment is to conduct our practice every day at the highest level of ethics and integrity derived from the fundamental values that have guided us since our founding. This commitment is embodied in our Code of Conduct, which sets forth the core ethical principles that govern the philosophy we provide services, adhering to the standards of good governance, transparency and financial stewardship.

Corporate Social Responsibility & Green Purpose

We engage in CSR programs and actions, that go beyond the boundaries of mere profitability. Over the decades we have provided numerous fellow citizens with free advice and pro-bono services. Help and support will always be given to those who are in real need of it. It’s our value to prove useful and helpful for our local communities. We engage with our team in several social and extra-curricular activities of the civil society. We recycle and we struggle every day to reduce waste and the use of non recyclable materials in our workplace. As our services shift into online form, we seek to contribute with our own green development goals in the making of a cleaner and a more sustainable planet.

Globalisation & International Cooperation

It’s part of our culture to interact in the international environment. We stay close to the legal,regulatory, political and economic developments of the European Union. Our sphere of cooperation includes firms, companies and professionals in several places of the world, including Europe, US, Asia and the Middle East. Members of our team engage in numerous international business forums, seminars and conferences. 

Multiculturalism, Gender & Social Inclusion

A truly diverse law firm promotes with its practice inclusiveness and multicultural integration. To best serve our clients, we’ve created an inspirational environment open to any ethnicity, race, nationality, religion, faith and sexual orientation. One of our founding partners and a current partner are women. We hereby acknowledge the significant contribution of women in the profession. Our female force drives the firm’s initiatives to constantly improve gender balance  and encourage opportunities amongst female professionals.

Technology, Data Protection & Cyber Security

The firm’s online and traditional forms of practice, fully comply with the Data Protection Act provisions to ensure security of information. We are highly concentrated with the incorporation of modern technology in our operations, when at the same time we maintain at the highest level of privacy and security, the personal data we collect. All personal data are collected lawfully and ethically, with the person’s consent and will be strictly used for specific business-client cooperation and coordination of procedures. Certain personal data will be stored with acronyms and pseudonyms, in order to make impossible the recognition or definition of the person or details. Our Code of Conduct implies limited access of information to our employees. We do not hesitate to permanently delete information after the end of the case, if requested from our clients or applicants who trusted us their personal data.

Our Culture