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Our History

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Historical Evolution

Our Foundation

The firm marked it’s early beginning by Dr Andreas P. Poetis who set up his own practice in the city of Famagusta after his studies in the Law School of the National Kapodistrian University of Athens.

Relocation from Famagusta to Larnaca

In 1974, Dr Andreas Poetis relocated and developed his practice in the city of Larnaca,

Establishment of the Partnership

Dr Andreas Poetis and Sylvia Poetis, registered the partnership under the name ”Dr Andreas P. Poetis & Co”. The contribution of our late Founding Partner Sylvia has enriched the firm with productive ethos and success for more than three decades.

1980 - 1989:
Expansion of Business Services

We developed our business success in diverse sectors. We further re-located our Headquarters at our own building, the Poetis Tower in Artemidos Avenue in Larnaca.

1990 -2000:
Acquisition of Dem. D. Themistocles & Co

We widened our business activities through the acquisition of the legal practice of Dem. D Themistocles & Co, a historical legal firm and trade marks agency of Cyprus which was founded in 1951. Since then, we represent clients especially on Intellectual Property, across diverse countries and nationalities in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the Americas.

George L. Loucaides Enters the Partnership

We expanded further with the efficient contribution of George L. Loucaides, who became Partner of Dr. Andreas P. Poetis & Co. George remains until this day a historical active member of the firm.

European Integration of Cyprus

The accession of the Republic of Cyprus in the European Union in 2004 and the Eurozone in 2008, was a historical national shift in the heart of the European project, which triggered redevelopments of the firm’s operations and services in the realm of the European paradigm.

First Publication of the Legal Book Series
The Right of Lien in Cyprus

The firm published the first book of the legal book series of Dr Andreas P. Poetis ”The Right of Lien in Cyprus”. The Cyprus Bar Association and the Attorney General Petros Clerides, declared all of the book series as authorities for the Cyprus Legal System. Since then, they are cited with approval in various judgements before for the Cyprus Courts of Justice, as well as, they are used in academia.

Publication of the 2nd Book
Companies: The Winding Up | 1st Ed

We published the second book of Dr Andreas Poetis. It was presented by the Attorney General of Cyprus, the Law School of the University of Nicosia and the Cyprus Bar Association.

New Managerial Co-operation

We established Dr. Andreas P. Poetis & Co LLC, in co-operation with Dem. D. Themistocles & Co and Dr. Andreas P. Poetis & Co partnership when at the same time we introduced the departmental and divisional model of operation.This managerial co-operation is coexistent and continues successfully until today.

Publication of the 3d book
Companies: The Winding Up | 2nd Ed

We published the second edition of the book of Dr Andreas Poetis ”Companies: The Winding Up”, which was presented by the Law School of the UCLAN University Cyprus and the Cyprus Bar Association. The second edition follows the new provisions of the legal framework which has been enacted after the Cyprus economic crisis in 2013.

Foula L. Chadjinikoli became Partner and Shareholder

Mrs Foula L. Chadjinikoli, has performed a role model of hard work and ethos towards her duties in the firm and she became both a Partner and Shareholder.

50 years Anniversary
'' Integrating modern approach to our historic reputation''

In our half century of our practice, we expanded our headquarters in our re-innovated building and introduced modern high-technologies to support our services.

Publication of our 4th Book

We published the fourth book of Dr Andreas Poetis ” The Dissolution of the Partnership according to the Cyprus law”. It was presented by the President of the Cyprus Bar Association.

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Our History