Dr Andreas P. Poetis

Founder | Managing Partner


Dr Andreas P. Poetis is the Founder and Managing Partner of Dr Andreas P. Poetis & Co LLC.  He coordinates the overall processes and strategy of the firm and he undertakes legal cases in court on a daily basis. Over his leading career he has represented in trials thousands of legal cases and clients. He is fluent in English and his native Greek.

Dr Andreas Poetis returned in Cyprus in 1968, just after his Law degree in the National Kapodistrian University of Athens and established his own practise in the city of Famagusta. At the same time, he started his PHD on ‘’ The Transfer of the Share of a Partner in a Partnership, according to the Law of England, Cyprus and Greece.’’ and graduated in 1975.

The practice of Dr Andreas P. Poetis in the city of Famagusta was dealing mostly with company, litigation, arbitration, civil and criminal cases in a multi-juristinctional level. During that period of time in Cyprus, the Shipping, Trade and Maritime sectors where radically evolving as a catalysts for the national product. Dr Andreas P. Poetis as a lawyer in Famagusta was engaged in numerous Admiralty and Shipping cases, which were presented before the Supreme Court.

The division of the island in 1974 and the occupation of Famagusta, forced Dr Andreas P. Poetis with his family to move as refugees in Larnaca,in order to rebuild their lives. Despite the consequences of the national tragedy, Dr Andeas P. Poetis, managed with his passion and charisma, to re-establish and develop the firm, as a leading and multifunctional legal firm in Cyprus over all these decades.

Dr Andreas P. Poetis has served as Member of the Board of Directors of the Bank of Cyprus, where he contributed with the leading duties on the legal – economic reforms of the Bank in 2013. He is the official provider of legal and strategic counsel to various Stakeholders, Governmental, Banking Institutions, Organisations, Municipalities and local authorities.

He has been actively engaged in the Rotary International from the position of President of the Rotary Club Larnaca and as Paul Harris fellow.

As academic, he taught in the University of Central Lancashire Cyprus and he also holds the position of Professor in the School of Law at the UNICAF University Africa, which is a leading international education platform for affordable studies in emerging markets in collaboration with US, UK, EU and African Universities.

Dr Andreas P. Poetis has his own blue-print in the Cyprus legal system, not only as a one of a kind litigator but also through his prestigious career as a legal author. He is the writer of legal book series and publications, which are considered to be one of the most successful pieces of work in Cyprus. His three published books are established as legal authorities from the Cyprus Court of Justice, the Cyprus Bar Association but also from the academic world.


The Transfer of the Share of a Partner in a Partnership, according to the Law of England, Cyprus and Greece, 1975

2) The Law 9/75,1975

3) “The Retrospective Effect of Article 26 of the Law 36/75”, 1975

4) The Res iudicata in England and European Legal System 1974

5) Bills of Exchange 1986

6) Joint Accounts 1987

7) “The Law of Life Insurance

8)”The Inability to Claim of an Unregistered Partnership Under Section 62 of the Partnership Act”.


9) The right of Lien in Cyprus 2011

10) Companies: The Winding Up 1st Ed 2013,

11) Companies: The Winding Up 2nd Ed 2015

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