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The legal practice of Dr Andreas Poetis has been established over the decades amongst the most prestigious firms in Cyprus.

The firm offers multi-specialised legal services and operates in a contemporary structure, with one of the best professional teams of expertised lawyers and consultants.

It is the oldest leading law firm in the cities of Larnaca and Famagusta.

The firm maintains an associate law office in Athens Greece. 

The firm is further engaged with high profile cases in the national and international level.  

The multi-functionality of the legal practice of Dr Andreas Poetis, relies on the fact that it’s a firm of legal firms. It incorporates the leading Dr Andreas P. Poetis & Co LLC, Dem. D. Themistocles & Co, a prestigious firm founded in 1951 and the managerial partnership of Dr Andreas P. Poetis & Co.

The firm maintains a strong network of business affiliations and works in cooperation with unique external colleagues in Cyprus and abroad.

Dr Andreas P. Poetis & Co LLC is a pioneering legal firm which renders it’s full-range services also online alongside with the traditional way of legal practice.

The Poetis Online brand represents the organisational co-operation and unitary operations between the companies Dr Andreas P. Poetis & Co. LLC, Dem D. Themistocles & Co and the partnership Dr Andreas P. Poetis & Co.

The firm is official publisher of legal book series and publications.

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